Lunch or Sandwich includes (1) side order

Smokin' Lunch


Pork Ribs (2 bones) 12.00
Beef Ribs (2 bones) 16.00
Pork Rib Tips (5 tips) 9.75
BBQ Chicken (2-Pieces) 7.75
Hot Wings (5-Pieces) 10.50
Cajun Wings (5-Pieces) 10.50
Hot Link (on bun) 7.75
Pulled Pork (sandwich) 13.00
Beef Brisket (sandwich) 14.00
Shrimp Po'Boy or plate 14.00
Catfish Po'Boy or plate 13.00
Red Snapper Po'Boy or plate 12.00
Oyster Po'Boy or plate 14.25
Tilapia Po'Boy or plate 12.00
Cheese Burger 9.25



Served with any (2) sides & corn bread

Smokin' Dinner


Pork Ribs (3-bones) 16.00
Beef Ribs (3-bones) 21.50
Pork Rib Tips (7-tips) 12.75
BBQ Chicken (1/2 chicken) 12.50
Hot Wings (7-Pieces) 15.50
Cajun Wings (7-Pieces) 15.50
Hot Links (2-links) 12.00
Pulled Pork 15.00
Beef Brisket 17.75
Shrimp (fried, 15-pieces) 21.75
Catfish 15.50
Red Snapper 16.00
Oysters 21.00
Tilapia 14.95



Catfish | Tilapia | Whiting

Fish Fry-Day Specials


Shot Caller Fish 1-lb
(your choice) Shrimp 1/2 lb, Oysters 1/2, 2-12oz Sides
Big Daddy Fish 3/4
(your choice) Shrimp 1/2 lb, 2-8oz Sides
Hook Up Fish
3-Filets, Shrimp-4, 2 Sides
Baby Boy Fish
3-Filets, Fries



Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11am - 3pm

Weekly Specials


Pork Rib Tips (4-tips, 1-side) 6.99
BBQ Chicken (2-piece, 1-side) 6.99
BBQ Cheese Burger
(lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, BBQ sauce, dressing)




Garden Veggie Plates


Fried Green Tomato Sandwich (1-side) 10.50
Grilled Veggie Sandwich (1-side)
(zucchini & squash)
BBQ Chicken Salad (no side) 11.50
Slammin' Side Plate
(3-sides of your choice & corn bread)



From Our Farmer's Fresh Market

Gram's Slammin' Sides

$4.25 each


California Cole Slaw
Mamma's Collard Greens
Country Fried Okra
Pleasy Cheesy Macaroni
Sweet Tooth Candied Yams
Southern Smooth Potato Salad
Skinny Girl French Fries
BBQ Baked Beans
Fried Green Tomatoes
Garden Grilled Vegetables



Family and Friends



Combination Dinner
PICK any (2) ENTREES & (2) Sides.
Includes (2) Corn Breads
Bunch of BBQ Family Pack
Pork Rib Tips (3-pounds),
BBQ Chicken (8-pieces),
Hot Links (3), (3) 12oz side orders



Southern Style



Slab of Pork Ribs (12-bones) 36.00
Slab of Beef Ribs (8-bones 48.00
Half Slab of Pork Ribs (6-bones) 21.00
Half Slab of Beef Ribs (4-bones) 27.00



Tie It All Together

Desserts and Beverages


Peach Cobbler Bread Pudding
Whole Pies  
Beer Wine
Red Kool-Aid Sweet Tea
Unsweetened Tea Coke
Diet Coke Dr. Pepper
Sprite Strawberry
Pink Lemonade